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Eight weeks early

Gifted have some close friends whose babies came through the special care baby unit (Buscot Ward) at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, and they’re the reason we chose BIBS (Babies in Buscot Support) amongst others to fundraise for. One of those friends, Nisha, explains what happened when her baby, Aria, was born eight weeks early.

Our daughter Aria was born in June 2017 weighing just 3lb 8oz.

Aria in Buscot

The pregnancy was stressful to say the least! Aria was growing well, however, I had to have cervical suture at 22 weeks. Although we were expecting that she would be early maybe by about four weeks, it was a shock and surprise when she came eight weeks early!

Due to complications from our previous pregnancy, I was closely monitored from twelve weeks and was having scans and consultant appointments almost every two weeks.

Aria was in Buscot for about four weeks. Although the initial days were really scary watching her hooked up to several monitors, she made amazing progress each day and moved between the rooms quickly.

To this day, I always think about how amazing the staff were. They were always there to answer any sort of questions, provide support for any issues we faced and always give encouraging and hopeful words on difficult days. They made the whole experience so much better and bearable.

Aria and her older sister

Looking at Aria now, you would never guess she was a premature baby. She is very cheeky and so full of energy that she can’t sit still for a second! She loves troubling her older sister, building and colouring.


£1,113 for children in Reading!

Aria and Ned

With your support, Gifted have raised £1,113 in our first year. The sum will be shared by the four charities we are fundraising for – BIBS, Home-Start Reading, Jelly and No5 Young People.

Here’s Aria receiving the cheque on behalf of the charities from Gifted’s Ned. They’ve been pals since birth and even shared their first birthday party. Ned used to be a teeny bit bigger than Aria but as you can see the tables have turned!

Ned and AriaNed and Aria